Lettuce x Rachael Mayne | Puzzle | Imagine
Lettuce x Rachael Mayne | Puzzle | Imagine


Lettuce x Rachael Mayne | Puzzle | Imagine

Rachael Mayne is an artist based in Auckland, New Zealand and is known for her large, impressionistic floral paintings. Rachael is a self-taught artist and is from a family of artists and art-teachers. Since a young age, painting has always been an essential part of her existence. 

As a painter and clinical psychologist, Rachael is fascinated by the inter-relationship between art, creativity, and wellbeing. Painting is a therapeutic process for Rachael and a space for self-expression, exploration and reflection. For Rachael, art conveys ideas and concepts in a way that words can?t capture. Rachael portrays emotion and feeling through the movement of fluid brush strokes and the use of bold colour; serene landscapes, bright cheerful daisy fields, and dark tangled gardens

1000 piece puzzle

Finished puzzle is 68cm x 48cm

Box dimensions: 26.5cm x 21.5cm x 5.5cm

Puzzle pieces come in a fabric bag inside the box

The cardboard for the puzzles and boxes are a mixture of recycled and sustainably grown timber.

All inks used are soy based ink.

Barcode: 9420075405523